SC Barns offers a wide variety of agricultural fencing, including, non-climb, Deer, barbwire, field fence and traditional wood rail fencing. Your animal’s safety is our number one concern, and we will provide you with the exact fence to fit your needs.


Fence Catalog

4 rail Wood Fence, Painted with Wire
Non-Climb Fence with Top & Bottom Rail
3 Rail Wood Fence
5' Non-Climb Fence with Top Rail
4 Rail Pressure Treated Wood Fence
5 Rail Galvanized Panel
Black Non-Climb Fence
Black Steel Frame Non-Climb
Wood 4 rail with mesh
Wood Panel Fence
Running Rail Paddocks
2 Rail Split Cedar Wood Fence
Non-Climb with 3 Rail
Non-Climb with Top Rail
Non-Climb with Top Rail
4 Rail Wood Fence Arena
4 Rail Wood Fence
Pipe Panel Corral
Riding Arena
Running Rail Fence
Running Rail Fence
Split Cedar Rail Fence
Non Climb with Top and Bot Rail
Wood Rail Fencing
5' Non-Climb Fence with Top and Bottom Rails on Metal posts