At SC Barns, options are only limited by the imagination.  The “perfect barn” varies from person to person.  It is our goal to help you identify the best way to layout your barn and convert it from an idea to a reality.

Sliding Dutch Door
Sliding Dutch Door
Exterior Wash Rack
Sliding Shutter with Grill Window
Interior Grooming Area
Rubber Mats in Breezeway
Saddle Racks
Hot Water Heater
Corner Feeder and Tub
8' Tie Rail
Custom Stall Fronts
Swing Out Corner Feeder
3' x 3' Sliding Window
Breezeway Windows
Black Epoxy Auto Waterer
Barn Lights
Galvanized Sink
Wash Rack
Feed Door
Swing Dutch Door
Heavy Duty "Bullet Proof" Downspouts
Breezeway Skylight Panels
Interior store room & free span truss
Muck/Storage Bunkers
Muck Bunkers