The Basic Never Weather is an all steel construction, easy to insall carport. Kits come complete with installation instructions and all hardware. Framed with 2″x2″ and 2″x3″ galvanized steel, the Basic Never Weather can support up to a 24′ free span and a 12′ height. This versatile carport can support side or end walls, windows, doors, gutters and more. Need something bigger? Check out our freestanding roof systems! ┬áThese roof systems can span over 60′ and come in any length!


The strength of SC Barns is incorporated into the walls which maximize usable building space without sacrificing integrity. The panelized wall system will accept any type of siding including; maintenance free metal, T1-11, and Board and Batton. Our galvanized steel roofing system is engineered to provide strength and longevity which outlasts wood rafter systems. The steel is fire resistant and provides protection from wood eating insects and rotting. Each Building is individually built to meet your needs and all applicable building codes.


24' x 36' Never Weather
12' x 16' Basic Never Weather
Trailer Storage
20' x 32' Carport
Free Standing Carport