Round Pens

  • Round pens of any size
  • Wood kick boards
  • 4-rail, 5-rail, 6-rail
  • 5’or 6′ tall
  • Installation available



Our round pens are the perfect solution for your horse training needs. The round pens are designed to provide a safe and controlled environment for horse training, lunging, and exercising.

Our round pens can be built with 4-rails, 5-rails, or 6 rails panels. The panels can be built up to a height of 6′ and a bottom kick board can be added to keep sand and footing from being pushed out of the round pen.¬† The panels are constructed with durable 1 5/8 16GA tubing to withstand the elements and maintain its quality over time.

Our products are built using galvanized tubing manufactured in the USA. We fabricate and weld each component at our facility in Santa Rosa, CA

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